About Affiliate Rocket

We transform the business of digital product performance based affiliate marketing. Our focus is on lead generation to Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses – with the aim to funnel new users of these products to try products and to deliver recurring value for the owner/publisher and very competitive affiliate earnings for the affiliates. 

Hitting the targets – we are here to assist you

The best way to learn more about Affiliate Rocket is always to get on an onboarding meeting with one of our affiliate managers. 

This is our story


Based in Ireland, but with a global presence, we founded Affiliate Rocket based on the idea to solve the performance marketing matrix for primary B2C digital products. This is:

  • SaaS products
  • Online courses
  • Online restricted access content platforms

To do this effectively, our approach is to give both publishers and affiliates the best tools and processes in order to funnel traffic to conversions. With our background both from software development and affiliate marketing, we draw un a lot of experience in order to share ideas on how to get the best possible results no matter if you are an owner of a product (publisher) that wish to drive leads, subscription trials, or sales – or if you are an affiliate. 

A team passionate about conversions 


For everyone working at Affiliate Rocket it is important to be passionate about helping everyone to get conversions and results. This means that we spend a considerable amount of time helping both publishers and affiliate to refine their strategies. We have proven funnels that work well and therefore can be adjusted to a new product or serve as a framework for a clever affiliate to implement in markting strategies. 

Contact Tamara Djurovic today to hear more about our company and how we can help you.